We develop structural engineering design with supporting, documentation and provided inspection pertaining to the structural design for residential, commercial, and institutional structures.

The firm was established in 1997. Since that, we designed and successfully completed 800+ projects in New York City area.

Design of superstructures

The list of the projects contained following structures:


  • High-rise commercial and residential buildings

  • Mid-rise residential buildings

  • Custom low-rise residential buildings.

  • Supports for the solar arrays, wind turbines, and communication equipment.


A wide range of materials is used for our design such as structural steel, cast-in-place concrete, cold formed light gauge steel, and timber.

Design of substructures

Our structures were supported by conventional spread footings, mat footings, micropiles and helical piles.

We develop support of excavation documentation.

The trench support excavation procedure was developed for the tight rear yard areas.

Self-supporting shoring method developed by the firm allows avoiding the use of the piles.


Creativity in approach to the design

The sufficiency of the design is facilitated by the two way communication with architects and developers.


The BIM-driven project design supported by the use of structural design programs: Revit, RAM, ETABS, and the others.

The out of the box, flexible, and cost-cutting approach to structural design guided by the tight and time-tested relations with contractors.

LK Design Bureau is currently licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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